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CRAFT CIDER REVIEW: Cidrerie Daufresne - Poire


CRAFT CIDER REVIEW: Cidrerie Daufresne - Poire

Mark McTavish

CRAFT CIDER REVIEW: Cidrerie Daufresne - Poire

by Brian Trout 

Recently, I sat down with my friend and fellow craft enthusiast, Geoi Bachoua, to share this bottle of Perry. We took some tasting detailed notes.

What the heck is a Perry?

Perry is 100% Pear Fermented. This differs from a lot of Pear Ciders and Pear Flavored Ciders out there. If it is apple cider with pears or vice versa, it is a PIDER (pronounced: Pie-Dur) and not truly a Perry.

Pears have a decent amount of a naturally occurring unfermentable fruit sugar called sorbitol. This element prevents perry from getting extremely dry.

Let's drink some Perry!

Ciderie Daufresne - Poire

(100% Pear)

Normandy, France

Region: Lower Normandy, France with a loamy soil on shale rich enough background for the development of pear.


100% of local pears (Plant White, Falsetto, Branch, Big Gontier)
The pears are harvested from September to October.
Alcohol content: 4% vol

Traditional Method. Controlled Fermentation Vats. Stabilization is achieved by racking. Perry is Bottled in Spring. (So around a 6 month or more fermentation process.)

Very Pale Golden. Sparkling Carbonation (Champagne Range). Brilliant Clarity. Hypnotic trails of tiny bubbles streaming from the bottom of the glass. 

Loaded with sweet soft perfumey notes. Honeysuckle Blossoms, Clover Honey, Peach Green Tea. The pear was present but it almost comes across in a semi-dry mead way.

Lightly Sweet (Semi-Dry) with a rounded beginning and middle. It had Peach, Apricot, Green Tea. Following this was loads of flowers, honeysuckle, jasmine, clover tips, pears, and light mellow honey. The finish was the same floral perfumes combining with some low shale (chalk) minerality and clean crisp aftertaste. It really didn't linger at all. Carbonation lifted it right off your tongue in a French Goodbye. POOF!  

Pairing Suggestions:

Bloomy Soft Ripened Cheeses - Fromager D'affinios, Bries. Delicate Seafood, Scallops, Shellfish, and Chicken Dishes. It could even work with certain lighter salads (Fennel & Goat Chevre)

Sharing is Caring: 

Post your Experiences,Tasting Notes, Photos, Pairings, for this in comments section.